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!Hello! I'm Rafa, thanks to your orders I can continue creating. We revive two birds with one stone: I keep creating and you have a unique decoration/gift. Add 4 sheets and two will be free... You'll see it in the cart, now :)

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Wild Animals Collection

Revenge of the Nature Collection


"I've been following this illustrator for years and I like what he does. But I'm telling you, the screen doesn't do his art justice. In person they are much more precious. The details, everything. And to highlight something, I an edge sheet fell and nothing happened to it. Quality paper: D"

-Alex G. (12/31/2022)

And how are you, hundreds more 👇

  • Works of Art produced with ecological materials.
  • Designed in Spain
  • Hand signed by the illustrator Rafapasta.

the perfect size

  • They have this size to adapt to the size of the "orla" frames (30x42 cm).
  • It is the best size to make packs.


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  • The shipment is certified, with hand delivery and takes 6-7 days (Correos Paq Premium)
  • The packaging is of the highest quality and very safe.