About us

The project Wild Animals Kingdom was born with three objectives:

  • Represent all terrestrial fauna through Art;
  • Create a Fantasy Story where Nature and animals take control of a New World
  • Express this creation in some unique products that make you part of this History, full of animal spirit and love for Nature.

The Wild Animals illustrations were created exclusively for clothing and all their lines are drawn so that they occupy the maximum expressive potential on your chest. As well as the Revenge of Nature prints, whose neutral tones are designed to decorate any home and communicate to visitors that whoever lives there loves animals, Art and Nature.


This project is the result of more than 10 years of dedication.

Now I'm talking to you, the creator of the Wild Animals project, Rafael Castillo Guillén or Rafapasta on social media. This project was born about 8 years ago, when I decided to break with everything that life had imposed on me and follow my artistic vocation and my passion for animals. Unwittingly, life led me to an office job , to wear a suit and talk about business. And I'm not going to lie to you: I became very unhappy.

In the afternoons I escaped to a forest in the Sierra de Sevilla, to observe birds, foxes and make sketches of trees and sparrows. One magical day, while watching them at night I thought: "I'm not going to work tomorrow" and I spent the whole next day making this illustration, which I finished without lifting my eyes from the paper:

I posted it on Tumblr and suddenly and in a short period of time, I saw that people started tattooing it, they asked me for more animals and I said: "well now I will make a lion". And I continued with foxes, ungulates, pachyderms, rodents and my goal went from obeying what others had imposed on me to a single goal that I was passionate about: drawing all the fauna on Earth.


This project would be nothing without you. I know it sounds cliché, but this time it's more real than Venus. The Wild Animals project is based on collaboration and support in the networks, on people like you, who comment, suggest ideas and are there to support. For years, we have shaped the goal of Wild Animals apparel: choosing your spirit animal and bringing the Animal Kingdom to the streets.

If one day you feel fierce, you can choose the lion shirt; if it's cold and you're feeling cunning, you can choose the fox sweatshirt; if you are going to exercise and you feel strong, the leopard tank top... and if one day you feel free, you can fly like an eagle in a warm hoodie. There is always a spirit animal to wear, to take your Kingdom to the streets and tell others what your passion is. As well as to identify with yours.


This project would not have been possible without Sara, my partner for more than ten years. She trusted me at all times, even when I risked my entire job and my future on one decision. Thanks to her Wild Animals exist, because she supports me every day and is part of my motivation and inspiration. She is in charge of social networks and communication, a brutally creative and empathic person.

Together we are here to give you clothes that make you shine, feel unique and full of power.