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Wild Animals Kingdom

T-shirt two colors Prometheus

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Without a doubt, this is the shirt that attracts the most looks. The message encoded in it takes over the eyes of those you meet. The serpent symbolizes Prometheus: the Titan friend of mortals, who stole fire to give it to humans. The bearer of light, renamed Lucifer and represented by a serpent. Mix of mythologies, animals and illustration on your chest to attract glances.

Exclusive t-shirt from the 'The Dreamers' collection.
This collection represents real dreams about animals and Nature that people have had and have been telling the illustrator Rafapasta over the years. the years. These dreams were chosen because they have great visual power that you can wear, to identify yourself as a lover of fantasy and animals. The lines are represented in great detail, to achieve a unique and quality visual impact.

The white fabric is cotton, fine and fresh; Raglan half sleeves provide a little extra warmth. This is how the perfect and balanced average temperature is reached, like the otters that you can see with pleasure in the rivers.

With this garment you will attract the eyes of all those people who have the same animal spirit as you. It will be easier to recognize each other and know who follows the path, the path of bringing the Animal Kingdom to the streets.

This t-shirt has been designed and registered by the illustrator Rafapasta and is literally exclusive.

They are all 100% cotton , except shades:
• Heather Gray is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
• Heather Denim is 50% cotton, 50% polyester

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