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Pack x4: Black Series sheets (for tattoo artists and dark friends)

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The four sheets of the Black collection Series:

  • Ram Skull.
  • HeartTree.
  • The Wood Crow.
  • Prometheus.

*These sheets cannot be obtained separately, because together they form a more powerful message and look better in a decorative composition.

This pack is specially designed to give to dark friends and/or tattoo lovers (you can perfectly fit in here and be a self-gift). We have decided to create this pack, because whoever receives it is especially delighted. This collection explores the boundaries between life, death, the organic and the inert.

The white stroke glows on top of the black and appears to emit light. Turn any space into a classy and elegant site. Like you.


  • VITA POST MORTEM VESTRUM ADPREHENDET: You will find life after death.
  • ET CORVUS ALIS ET FUTURA PRAECINERE: The wingbeat of the crow predicts the future.
  • LUX ILLUMINAT IGNI: The light of fire.

The medium size measures 30x42cm and is printed with great detail on high quality paper (300gsm). You can frame it or use it as a poster. Also available in large (42x60cm) and huge (50x70cm) sizes.

Furthermore, all print orders come with the illustration Kiss from the Beyond in size 30x42cm as a gift, since it has a coded message for all those animal and pet lovers. A message that they accompany us until after life.

Send time:

  • Medium size: 3-6 days.
  • Large and Huge Size: 8-12 (Large ones are made just for you, they're custom made and sometimes take longer)

Characteristics of the shipment:

  • Post, with tracking code and delivery by hand.
  • Insurance: if it breaks, it is covered by insurance.
  • You're going to love it.