Pack x6: Animal Anatomy sheets (for vets or 'geeks' of animals)

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The six plates of the Animal Anatomy collection:

  • Cat: fur.
  • Cat: circulatory system.
  • Cat: skeleton.
  • Horse: fur.
  • Horse: circulatory system.
  • Horse: skeleton.

This pack is specially designed to give to an animal lover, especially veterinarians or owners of cats and horses. We have decided to create this pack, because we love that they choose it. Their owners are very satisfied. The illustrations are accurate and scientific in style (with some artistic license) and make them great for decorating a vet clinic or the space of someone who loves these critters.

The size of each sheet is 30x42cm.

In addition, this pack of 6 prints includes the illustration Heart Tree in size 30x42cm as a gift, as it completes the collection with another illustration on human anatomy , mixed with arboreal and floral style.

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  • Medium size: 3-6 days.

Characteristics of the shipment:

  • Post, with tracking code and delivery by hand.
  • Insurance: if it breaks, it is covered by insurance.
  • You'll love it.

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