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The Dreamers T-shirt

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The garment to officially tell others that you love Animals, Nature and Art. When you meet someone with her, you will know that she is one of yours. When someone looks at you, they'll know you're one of their own.

When you have it, you will notice that the cotton has a very soft touch (100% organic). Pre-shrunk so it doesn't shrink with washing.


Please , if you have any questions or suggestions, contact us through Whatsapp or social networks. Our priority is that you are happy with your animal :)

  • Can I return a garment? Yes, in all cases. If you need another size, contact us and we will help you with the process.
  • Shipping: International delivery. Estimated arrival time is 3-9 days.
  • Where can I see photos of models? In instagram (@thewildanimalskingdom) you have even more photos of real models and friends of the brand, who have wanted to share their photos with us. You can too.
  • How is the printing? The ink integrates into the fabric and is smooth. The print is treated with a chemical, organic and ecological product to fix the pigment and make it more durable. When you wash it for the first time, the colors become more powerful, because the remains of this ecological chemical product disappear.
  • Vegan ink! Inks are vegan and eco-friendly.